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What is SaaS Application: The Know-How’s

What is SaaS Application: The Know-How’s

When a company opts for software, for example, to manage its customer relationship or its human resources, it has the choice between a wide choice of solutions. Among these, What is SaaS Application?: The Know-How’s plays a vital role in providing exemplary services through digital mediums.

So what is this software and how does it work within companies? What are their advantages in the competitive software market?

What is SaaS Application

What is SaaS Application as a Service?

SaaS (Software as a Service) software arrived at the turn of the 2000s, in other words when the Internet became democratized all over the world, starting with the United States. Cloud Computing, of which they are a part, then imposed itself.

Rather than buying software and installing it on each workstation, the principle of SaaS is to use software hosted in the cloud, by means of a subscription. Or even for free in some cases.

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As a professional, everyone uses a lot of SaaS software every day. These are as well the CRM for the customer relationship, as the software of prospecting, accounting, office automation, or those allowing the electronic signature. More broadly, these are all the solutions that we use online and not only in the office! In fact, there is no need to download software.

What is SaaS Application

What is SaaS Application and How does SaaS work?

SaaS model works with a connection to an online service and, in most cases for business use, with a subscription. The company’s employees then have access to services – more or less extensive depending on their function – that they can use anywhere and, on all media, (computer, smartphone, tablet) by logging into their account.

What is SaaS Application: Is SaaS the same as cloud computing?

Many people equate SaaS with cloud computing. This is partly true, as SaaS is a subset of cloud computing. Cloud computing can be defined as a vast set of IT services, some aspects of which are managed online rather than on the user’s computers and servers. On the other hand, SaaS is defined as software that can be accessed remotely via the cloud. In the SaaS model, all software data is typically stored on the vendor’s servers rather than the customer’s computers.

For comparison, let’s take the example of the Microsoft Office suite. If you buy a traditional license and store certain documents online to share them easily, you are using cloud computing but not SaaS. If you’ve upgraded to a Microsoft 365 plan with a monthly billing model that gives you access to cloud software or automatic updates on your device, this is SaaS.

What is SaaS Application

What are the differences between SaaS and On-Premise?

On-Premise mode is a classic solution by license payment with software installed on workstations. But this type of solution is now contrary to the essential digital transformation of companies. And for good reason: the software is only installed on computers, and therefore not on other mobile tools. With telecommuting, it becomes impossible to use such solutions.

In addition, software updates necessary for its effectiveness and security must be made by the company. Otherwise, it exposes itself to risks.

What is SaaS Application

What is SaaS Application and its benefits?

This type of software has multiplied in companies and even among individuals for an obvious reason: the practical side of a simple connection on an internet platform or an application. And this covers many other benefits for companies and employees alike.

What is SaaS Application

Technical and security benefits

  • For companies, this means no longer installing heavy software on each workstation.
  • For IT departments: no maintenance or updates. Because with SaaS software, all evolutions are managed by publishers. In other words, the company pays for its subscription and enjoys all the benefits of the solution.
  • Data security is guaranteed. The ISO/IEC 27001 standard certifies that the software publisher meets the strictest requirements for information security management systems.
  • SaaS solutions comply with regulations that evolve regularly, starting with the GDPR.

Economic benefits 

  • Since in-house IT professionals don’t take care of updates, security, and maintenance in general, the costs are much lower compared to on-site installed software.
  • Subscriptions are also fully customized. A company that does not need certain services is not obliged to take them in a pack. In the same way, it pays according to the number of users. The possibilities of tailor-made depend of course on each publisher. In any case, companies only pay for what they use, in a proportionate way.
  • Significantly time-saving thanks to solutions that can be used right away. So when a new employee arrives, all you have to do is create an account.
What is SaaS Application

Advantages of SaaS working methods

  • Another main benefit of SaaS software is mobility. In the office, teleworking, on the move, it is possible to access the software. A username and password are sufficient. A company that begins its digital transformation often starts by choosing turnkey solutions and therefore SaaS software.
  • Solutions of this type are also a collaboration tool. Most contain internal messaging and allow you to work together on the same documents.
  • SaaS software is also conducive to productivity, through its mobile use, and activity tracking. This is possible thanks to personalized dashboards that facilitate piloting.
What is SaaS Application

Note that SaaS software still has some disadvantages:

  • They may be under maintenance and therefore unusable for some time. But it never lasts very long. Very important updates are made at night to avoid service interruption.
  • In case of an internet outage, it is difficult to use them. But most offer an offline mode on some features. However, these internet failures remain rare and bugs in on-premise software are more troublesome, requiring the intervention of the IT department.

To summarize of What is SaaS Application…

SaaS software is now essential for all companies to grow. With a high level of security, simple, without the slightest installation, they facilitate the daily life of employees and the speed of actions. SaaS models aren’t gaining enough popularity because of smart marketing or because developers impose them on their customers. They capture the largest share of the business app market because they bring substantial benefits to both developers and users. Moving to a SaaS model may require a redesign of your business strategy, but it’s a safe bet that this transition will significantly increase your chances of long-term success.

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