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UX Design that will Increase Your eCommerce App Sales

UX Design that will Increase Your eCommerce App Sales

Today more than ever, e-commerce dominates the world. Even well-known physical stores build their websites to penetrate a huge chunk of the market. However, it is not enough to set up an eCommerce website or make an app.

Consider the principles of eCommerce UX design to ensure that potential customers will have the best experience using your website.

What to Include in eCommerce UX Design? UX Design Tips that Increase Your eCommerce App Sales

If you want your eCommerce website to drive sales, here are the most important elements you need to include in your UX design. E-commerce App Sales are heavily dependent on how users feel about using your app so that can they keep using it.

Intuitive navigation

At the time, app/website owners were especially attentive to the aesthetic appeal. That’s why they would use amazing photos or include breathtaking animations in the design.

But things have changed in recent years. You’re not just promoting your product, because your app acts as an avenue where people can buy.

When designing it, you need to think about how easy it is to navigate through everything.

increase your eCommerce App Sales
Design by Tran Mau Tri Tam

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will they be able to see the menu clearly?
  • Can they choose the right articles without leaving the screen?
  • Are they able to read the description without clicking multiple buttons?
  • Can they filter their choices easily?
  • Is the payment process transparent?

Let’s look at it that way. When you’re in a physical store and it’s hard to find items or the cashier is just too slow, you’re turned off. Unless what you’re buying is unique, you’d rather leave the store. It’s the same principle here, and that’s why creating an intuitive eCommerce UX design is a must.

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increase your eCommerce App Sales

On-site research that Increase Your eCommerce App Sales

We’ve noticed that most eCommerce apps don’t have a general search function. But you have to remember that when a user uses your app, there’s a good chance they’re already looking for something. If your only option is to use the filter, it will take several seconds to find what they need.

Remember, when we talk about good eCommerce UX design, we’re all focused on efficiency.

increase your eCommerce App Sales

Add filters that Increase Your eCommerce App Sales

Of course, a filter option is also good. If your visitor wants to see multiple options for a category, it will work better. For example, if you sell clothes, you can filter them by size, color, or even price. And in the case of websites similar to Airbnb, you can use filters such as the number of beds, facilities, or parking.

As always, put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers.

increase your eCommerce App Sales

Use micro-interactions that will Increase Your eCommerce App Sales

When working on an eCommerce UX design, adding long texts or product descriptions can be a pain. And that’s why the use of micro-interaction techniques has become a common practice.

This is where a secondary screen appears if a visitor wants to see more information about the product. Proper use of micro-interactions will make the user feel pleasure when purchasing on your app/site which will in turn boost your eCommerce App Sales.

Clearly display action buttons to Increase Your eCommerce App Sales

A seamless eCommerce UX design should leave your visitors with the smallest window of reflection. This means that your design should direct them to the next best logical move. In this case, place all the action buttons accordingly. Your checkout or add-to-cart buttons must be visible and clear enough for them to click.

Ignore any of these tips and expect a high bounce rate. If you notice people leaving the app, it’s not just about your products. This could be the way you designed your app. The better designed your action buttons are, the less confused buyers will get in your app. So, a better UX when it comes to displaying action buttons ensures increases your eCommerce App Sales.

App shell and lazy loading that will Increase Your eCommerce App Sales

The next area of user experience development is content loading. To make the page display quickly, developers use the application shell and lazy loading. Why do you need it? Waiting for the content to load kills the desire to stay on the site/app. The app shell and lazy loading become a lifeline in this case. Visitors see a frame instead of a blank page.

The app shell helps:

  • improves user perception;
  • speed up the transition between screens.
  • Create a fully optimized app/site.
  • make the store user-friendly;
  • speed up page loading.

Deferred loading displays only the media files that the user needs. Content that is not critical for page display may appear when scrolling to a particular part of the page or when the visitor clicks on an item. In this case, a marker is applied, indicating that the data has not been loaded, but, if necessary, it can be loaded.

For example, when you open the Major Rum online store from your phone, the content appears with a slight delay. During the loading time, you see the silhouette of a hacker before loading the product photo.

Ads in categories instead of products that will help to Increase Your eCommerce App Sales

The next trend is the placement of ads on category pages with products listed. For example, you browse a store looking for what you need. You are in a section and want to see the classic collection. The problem is that there are so many other sections in the store. Chances are, you’re not going through all the categories and missing out on something important.

Business owners insert ads with calls to action into the product grid to lure you to other products or sections. This approach helps them to talk about new products, propose complementary articles, or to leave this space to the partners.

Use of GIFs and animations that will Increase Your eCommerce App Sales

Typically, heavy videos slow down the loading of the page. Their use in headers is therefore undesirable. Designers are looking for other lighter alternatives to grab users’ attention. The way out of this situation is animations, which are gaining popularity in UX design.

An animated CTA better communicates the action it involves. The most common use cases for animation are:

  • “Buy” button;
  • registration button;
  • Login to the account;
  • New Arrivals;
  • Advertisements.

This method works best in mobile design. Instead of annoying banners and pop-ups, users will look at the animation with enthusiasm.

Strengthen the security of your merchant site will help to Increase Your eCommerce App Sales

As e-commerce develops, it becomes crucial to strengthen the security of your online store. This is essential to gain the trust of your customers and protect your site from the destructive attacks of the cyberattack. This phenomenon is caused by malicious software such as malware, Trojan horse, virus, etc.

Trust is a fundamental element in building a good UX and forging a strong bond with your brand. When the user ensures that your merchant site guarantees a perfectly secure online payment, they will come back to your app.

Final word

The user experience is becoming more critical every year. This is a criterion for algorithms when ranking sites and the time customers spend in your store. Business owners strive to improve the user experience, opt for the services of an AI development company, and apply different UX/UI techniques. Increase Your eCommerce App Sales today are driven by the user experience. Hence, in 2022, your online store cannot do without easy navigation, detailed filters, and meet the requirements of mobile and computer purchases.

So why wait! Make the best out of the UX of your eCommerce app for better sales and imminent success.

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