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6 Stunning UI Design trends 2023

6 Stunning UI Design trends 2023

This year is the user-centric approach where simplicity turns into something unique and compelling.

To create a visually appealing website design, businesses should keep a watchful eye on modern trends and stand out from their competitors.

For your inspiration, we’ve compiled brilliant examples ranging from bold fonts and dark modes to 3D animations and unrealistic characters that will wow you off your feet.

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UI Design trends 2023
UI Design trends 2023: Dark Mode

UI Design trends 2023; Dark mode: Take Care of Users’ Eyes

Dark themes are a big UI design trends in 2021 and will continue to be even more popular in UI Design trends 2023. Offering a completely different look, the dark UI options bring additional benefits to users as it is more comfortable to view a website in dark mode in low light conditions.

Often, people don’t think about it when they look at their smartphones in bed. But this can be an advantage to attract more customers to your website.

Take the world-famous tech giants that have already embraced the dark mode feature.

Apple even offers to set a scheduled time for users to switch to dark mode automatically. Google, Instagram, Facebook, Gmail, Slack, iTunes, Amazon, Wikipedia, etc., and this list goes on.

Here are some of the reasons why companies use dark mode:

  • It is pleasant in the eyes of users.
  • It looks modern and stylish.
  • Low battery consumption.
  • It increases the contrast ratio.
  • The elements on the dark background seem more visible.
UI Design trends 2023

The dark theme has gained incredible popularity on smartphones. And since nearly half of search queries today come from mobile devices, websites should follow the dark mode trend.

First of all, it creates a unique space for the user. Thanks to the minimized color palette of the phone’s dark mode and apps. Also, remember that a person in a dark environment who opens a bright and contrasting site may feel some discomfort.

And people use their smartphones to search cafes for dinner or movie tickets, browse tourist markets to book a vacation trip, etc. Therefore, the dark theme becomes more than necessary. It enters the standards to which users are accustomed. And we believe this modern trend will lead to more black and white themes in 2023.

UI Design trends 2023
UI Design trends 2023: 3D Elements

3D Elements: One of the hottest UI Design trends 2023

3D elements in website design trends aren’t new, but they’re becoming increasingly popular today by attracting users and decreasing bounce rates on websites.

In addition, with the rise of VR/AR technologies, hyper-visual 3D elements impact and add additional beauty and effect.

Influenced by a combination of photographs and illustrative images and animations, 3D designs have a massive chance of conquering competitors in hyper-competitive markets.

3D elements have always been used to attract attention. They stand out very well from the general background of the site, giving the necessary volume. Plus, it creates a unique site style that visitors clearly remember. This applies to both fonts with 3D effects and simple site design elements.

In addition, this effect can be applied to the site’s color palette. This is achieved thanks to subtle shading, which gives roundness to these flat icons familiar to us. It looks very fresh and attracts immediately. The secret is straightforward. The two neighboring colors stand out through the shadows and depths of the objects. A good solution would be implementing a 3D effect of button actions or pop or window notifications. However, when implementing 3D graphics, it should be remembered that the site must be optimized for such a solution.

To implement 3D graphics, your website needs to be fast-loading, high-performance and optimized. Otherwise, you risk losing your visitors due to a lack of response and slow loading, which will affect your website traffic.

UI Design trends 2023
UI design trends

UI Design trends 2023: Custom illustrations instead of stock ones

Custom illustrations, particularly in commercial design, saw a boom in late 2019. This pattern has continued through 2020.

Although it was difficult to persuade clients to use graphics specific to their business or industry a few years ago, it has already become the industry standard.

Stock photos are typically used to represent generic objects that are easy to visualize. Custom drawings have become the de facto of modern web and UI design, thanks to the emergence of AI, blockchain, big data, and machine learning.

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Here are some reasons as to why custom illustrations are superior to stock ones:

  • Custom illustrations lay the groundwork for creativity and creative balance.
  • Illustration generates visual cues that swiftly communicate the required message.
  • Graphics give practical assistance for copy in web or mobile interfaces.
  • Illustrations are a tried-and-true creative storytelling tool.
  • Illustrations have a lot of clout when setting the tone for an emotional appeal.
  • Custom graphic design establishes a foundation for aesthetic satisfaction, increasing the project’s attractiveness.
  • Because illustrations are memorable and appealing, they effectively increase brand awareness and recognition.
  • Custom illustrations may be used to create animated short videos and interactive features that make interactions more engaging and elegant.
UI Design trends 2023
UI Design trends 2023: Pay attention to micro-interactions

Micro Interactions

Micro-interactions represent playful effects that bring the user interface to life and significantly impact the user. These are slight animations that fire following a trigger, such as clicking or hovering a mouse. This movement generates an action such as zooming an image, abruptly displaying a button or label, disappearing an element, appearing another in its place, etc. Following the move, the system displays feedback to the visitor to inform him about the current operation and the step that follows the action triggered.

Micro-interactions improve the interactivity of the interface and provide an exciting user and mobile experience. They also optimize the fluidity of navigation and boost the attractiveness of Call To Action (CTA). CTAs become more eye-catching to improve the conversion rate and profitability of the conversion funnel.

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Moreover, Microcopy cannot be underestimated as it plays a significant role in the user experience. So what is it? Microcopies are brief sentences to inform the user of what to do, responding to their concerns through which you communicate with your visitor clearly and movingly. The Adobe team describes four cornerstones of UX microcopy writing: brevity, context, action, and authenticity.

And in this case, it is the task of the UX writer to solve all the problems for your users and remove what may cause them to abandon the user path.

In general, modern web design development using microscopy can be characterized as follows:

  • Make the user journey direct;
  • Anticipate user needs;
  • Conduct a dialogue with the user;
  • Create a relationship of understanding between the user and the product.
  • Change your communication style by providing your text on websites or apps more informal by avoiding standard phrases and clichés.

Regular, less formalized dialogues will bring your consumers closer together, and sometimes a pinch of humor is an excellent recommendation to dispel your audience’s boredom.

UI Design trends 2023
UI Design trends 2023: Embrace the Spirit of the 90s

The Spirit of the 90s

The pop imagination of the 90s, which then invaded music, fashion, movies, television programs, and technology, is today an essential source of inspiration. The design of this decade does not leave us indifferent either: whether it is spots, posters, advertisements in magazines, or logos. Graphic design has always had a leading role in synthesizing and representing the “feeling” of an era from a visual point of view. The current return of some graphic styles from the 90s reflects nostalgia for that era.

One of the most striking changes of the 90s was the deployment of the Internet, with the birth of websites. The web design was simple, going to the essentials and, let’s say it, in hindsight, a little naïve. The majority of the sites were made up of boards that limited creativity and made the design rather dull but allowed the information on the page to be arranged. There are long lines of text in Times New Roman, disorganized and hyper colorful backgrounds, and prehistoric gifs: enough to drive users crazy.

Web design has undergone a real revolution in the space of twenty years, developing and favoring functionality, hierarchies, templates, and a graphic language that is pleasant for the visitor. However, many of today’s designers are returning to the 90s due to the contemporary trend of over-frills and overloading pages. From this was born a current defined as “Brutalist Web Design” because of the raw character of the design of these sites. “Brutalist” sites encourage an honest and direct approach, through a basic design, which does not explicitly seek to facilitate navigation or be visually pleasing, but which, on the contrary, is characterized by a deliberately tricky and “ugly” aesthetic, built from a primary and imperfect HTML code.

Aesthetic Features of the 1990s

A few essential qualities might be seen in prominent 90s art style designs. The decade saw a variety of trends, each with its own set of characteristics that we’ll go through in the “Assets” section of this page. However, these were some of the fundamental elements of the 90s aesthetic in general:

  • Bright yellow, pink, purple, fluorescent green, cerulean blue, and neon lasers are vibrant colors. These colors were used in 90s graphics to create a dramatic and eye-catching effect on patterns.
  • Bold, abstract, geometric shapes were all the rage in the 1990s style. Polka dots were used in everything from clothing to well-known 90s art.
  • Patterns were everywhere, from 90s rave posters with hallucinogenic background grids to geometric designs applied to wallpapers and carpets.
  • Vibrant gradients were used in the underground rave posters of the 1990s.
  • Comic Sans-style fonts were primarily employed in pop graphic design in the 1990s. Rugrats and Full House both featured handwritten fonts. Condensed sans serifs were used on grunge style and 90s rave posters for added impact.

Now that the trend is back with a better and less laggy outlook, the spirit of the 90s lives on through fantastic retro sites with smooth UX.

Unique UI Design trends 2023 for people with disabilities

The year 2023 will focus on bringing a human-centered design that will be practical while delivering the digital experience to people with disabilities. It should be noted that 94% of first impressions are related to design. The UI/UX design will ensure that the technology is accessible to everyone. That said, you can also work on implementing vibration-based responses in voice navigation to text coding apps and other technologies. The mobile apps will allow people with disabilities who cannot hear or see. The use of technology will ensure that more audiences are ready to convert into repeat customers.

UI Design trends 2023

UI Design trends 2023 : Closing Words

With the modernization of uses and user interfaces, it is imperative to renew your UI design practices to create a memorable user and mobile experience. The UI Design trends 2023 showcase factors that play in on user accessibly and comfort.

Although minimalism remains the most remarkable technique in modern design, generally, the trend converges towards realism. This manifested itself in using the 3D effect and augmented reality to break down barriers between the natural world and the digital world.

Realism is also enhanced by the unprecedented return of specific techniques such as Neomorphism, which ensures a more interactive interaction with the user interface and subsequently a more intuitive user experience.

There are many ways to implement this approach. But it all comes down to the fact that an interactive element must seduce the user and increase the time spent on the page. Hence, by going along with what users need and want, your Ui design patterns can influence the UI Design trends 2023 for more years to come.

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