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Saving Lives: Healthcare Dashboard UX tips

Saving Lives: Healthcare Dashboard UX tips

The rise of new technologies in the field of health is increasing the effectiveness of treatments. They are offering more comfort to professionals and patients alike. The automation of the information system ensures better coordination between health professionals and offers efficient service.

“Ease of use may be invisible, but its absence sure isn’t.”


These new technologies are based on a user-centric approach that focuses on the personalization of care according to the needs of users. Today, user experience (UX) has a greater place in the design of the product as well as that of the service.

The place of UX in the Healthcare Dashboard UX tips

UX is no longer restricted to websites and applications. From now on, it goes beyond these borders to integrate into different sectors, such as the medical sector.

The health sector is very sensitive. Indeed, an error can be irreversible and unforgivable, because it can have disastrous consequences.

With this in mind, the design of medical devices must be carried out in an intuitive way for quality care to be provided.

Look at the healthcare dashboard below:

Healthcare Dashboard UX tips

It is so chunky and ugly that it makes both patients and doctors lose patience. Hence, the UX has to be optimized well so that no decision made by a professional or patient becomes fatal.

Here’s how it can be made to be both efficient and pleasing to the eye:

Healthcare Dashboard UX tips

Healthcare Dashboard UX tips :The growing need to improve the health sector using technology

In order to better prevent chronic and pandemic diseases, healthcare professionals need to invest in technological creativity to create effective services/products that optimize their diagnoses.

This provides patients with more reliable care, helping to optimize life expectancy.

In order to develop the quality of health services, professionals in this sector are not focused solely on technological innovation but have coupled it with the e-User Experience (UX). Indeed, they take a user-centric approach in the design of medical devices and services to maximize the relevance of the care administered. These services are personalized according to the needs of patients and their expectations.

Healthcare Dashboard UX tips :The importance of the user-centric approach when creating high-performance services

A patient nowadays is more informed than ever. With the abundance of information on the Internet, the web has become a very rich encyclopedia and accessible to everyone. Each patient can learn useful information about the disease and all the details related to the treatment.

In addition to these achievements, the experimentation of the devices informs the patient about the quality of the service offered and allows them to get the performance of the treatment and the service provider. In this context, the supplier of the product/service must ensure an optimal UX to the latter in order to leave a good feeling at home and obtain its satisfaction.

Healthcare Dashboard UX tips :The essentials to achieve an optimal UX in the healthcare sector

To be able to ensure an impactful UX, healthcare professionals must be convinced of the importance of a user-centered design approach. This will save them both time and money.

Another very important detail for the success of the user experience is UX research. This step is very important in order to identify gaps in existing services. This will enlighten service providers on the details that need to be improved to correct the problems encountered and provide a better UX.

The user-centric approach is based on a design that consists of validating each interaction with the product, through tests. This is very important, in order to get the user’s opinion and make the necessary improvements at the right time.

The UX team must create a prototype or minimum viable product (MVP) to test by a group of users. In case it gets the satisfaction of several testers, it means that it has gone through a successful iteration and the UX designers can use it for the next test.

It is important to properly document interactions, reactions, and feedback with the product/service in order to make the necessary improvements. The interest is to adapt the product to the requirements of the user and to design a product based on their preferences.

Moreover, these UX elements are essential in creating an efficient healthcare UX dashboard that is good for patients and doctors alike:

  • Multi-functional search box
  • Dashboard that informs better decision-making
  • Contextual data in a patient portal to save time
  • Communication platform for healthcare professionals
  • Smooth call to action buttons
Healthcare Dashboard UX tips
Design by Cai Cardenas

Healthcare Dashboard UX tips :Chatbots and Live Chat support

Medical personnel is in low supply. Chatbots are supporting hospitals in allowing patients to arrange appointments, communicate directly with doctors, share reports, and provide feedback.

However, there is still much room for growth in this area. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) can help. Alongside chatbots, live chat support is also in high demand.

Healthcare Dashboard UX tips

Healthcare Dashboard UX tips :Remote Monitoring

During Covid-19, when patients were communicating with doctors remotely, remote patient monitoring (RPM) was used. Wearables were being used to record symptoms, temperature, and oxygen levels. The patient and the doctor communicated via the internet. In the event that attention was required, the dashboard provided direction and notifications.

Moreover, the UX should also pay attention so that the following are maintained:

  • Reduce distractions as much as possible
  • Minimize the process of looking up information
  • Establish a connection with the users

In the healthcare sector, the reputation of the healthcare institution and the quality of its treatment can be severely impacted due to a poor patient experience. Therefore, in order to optimize the patient’s health journey, it is necessary to:

  • Put the patient at the center of the health care system.
  • Optimize the communication techniques to the patient. In particular, it is better to use common scientific terms to give more reliable information and avoid any risk of diverting the true meaning of the term. It ahs to be easy to understand by all.

Healthcare Dashboard UX tips :Conclusion

In the healthcare sector, UX (user experience) is gaining more importance in recent years. Indeed, health is a very sensitive sector, in which poor usability can cause unforgivable consequences. Everything needs to be precise to avoid errors. This can be achieved by adopting a user-centric design, focused on the needs of the user, which allows for the development of a more efficient service/product.

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