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Grow Your Business Through Your Website

Grow Your Business Through Your Website

Grow Your Business Through Your Website

The Perfect Website: Let Grow Your Business Through Your Website

In this age of advanced technology and aesthetics, just having a fancy-looking website is, in no way, enough to make your business grow. So many other factors play vital roles in taking your business forward. The phase of only looking good is over as beauty and brains are both preferred when it comes to ensuring continuous success.  

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The Web is a great tool for a company that does not have the means for a large advertising campaign. And even if it does have a highly functional advertising campaign, a well-designed website still adds to up to 30% of the business generating more revenue and in turn, flourishing. 

Before buying a product or service, many consumers investigate the Internet. In a context where the Web has become one of the main sources of information for individuals and professionals, an entrepreneur must be present “online”. If only because its competitors are there… With the boom in videos, blogs, and social networks, for a company, the question is no longer whether to have a website, but to learn how to exploit these new uses to make itself known. The key is the promise of reaching an audience you would not have been able to dream of otherwise at a lower cost. 

Before I proceed with the tips and tricks on structuring your website for your business be it online or not, you have to ask yourself these two questions: 

How do you want your customer to perceive your business when they browse your website? 

Don’t sell anything online? Know that your customers are inquiring about you. 

why do i need a website

Grow Your Business Through Your Website: Remember that your site is your identity on the web. 

When a visitor arrives on your homepage, it is often the first interaction they will have with your company: your website is your identity on the internet. It should reflect your brand image, the way your business wants to be perceived. 

Contrary to some preconceived ideas, the investment in a website does not stop after its initial delivery. Your website is alive! That’s why you need to maintain it properly and make it evolve. Before designing your website, you have to keep these specific points in mind: 

  • Be business-driven 
  • Review and reflect 
  • Differentiation through design 
  • Work progressively 
  • Getting to number one 
  • Get your priorities right 
  • Know the value of online marketing 
  • New marketing methods 
  • Be mobile-friendly 
  • Encourage your customers to take action 

Grow Your Business Through Your Website : Your site is your portfolio and reflection 

Invest in an attractive UX/UI design. As I have mentioned before, both beauty and brains are a requirement for success in today’s aesthetics-driven world. Hence, investing in the outlook of the website is crucial for any entrepreneur or businessman. Plus, the usability of your website will directly influence your sales. Let’s look at a small example: If you’re in hotel management, an attractive website showcasing all your services online will drag in more customers as compared to a five-star hotel with a bad/no website.  

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Grow Your Business Through Your Website: Your site makes you credible 

Your website is dedicated to your success 24/7 and works to sell you. It explains your products or services, presents your values, distinguishes you from your competitors, and establishes your credibility by talking about your team, indicating your contact details, and sharing customer testimonials. 

It tells your story, the why, the how, the when, the who, and especially the what with your words to highlight your expertise. It is your asset to convince your visitors to trust you. 

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You need to maintain your credibility and it doesn’t just go through the modern design of your site. It wouldn’t be professional to your customers, to have an error page when they click on a button on your menu, or to have a site so slow that they feel like it will never show up! 

Also, pay attention to a website that is not secure HTTPS and that puts at risk the sensitive and confidential data of your customers, such as credit card number or home address for example. 

Grow Your Business Through Your Website: Your site is the heart of your marketing strategy 

As mentioned above, your site is your identity on the web, it is at the center of your marketing strategy both digital and general. It ends up as a Call to Action in your newsletters or is one of the key pieces of information in your print ads. It doesn’t matter if you have a showcase site or an online store, your website is your market tag. 

It is a lever for your reputation and your sales  

The purpose of your marketing campaigns such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads is to bring your opportunities (“leads”) to your website, to talk about you, and retrieve their information to convert them into customers. It can play an important role in your recruitments to attract the best candidates for your team. 

Grow Your Business Through Your Website: Establishing a relationship with your customers to retain them  

It helps you set up your customer service, you can for example offer an FAQ to answer your customers’ questions quickly or set up an online chat mechanism (“live chat”) or an intelligent assistant (“Chatbot”) which is a quick way to offer them personalized help and open a dialogue. Plus. People are generally looking for human connections even on the internet so keeping the option open for chat support livens up your website. This creates an idea of reliance amongst the users which is crucial for any business. 

Grow Your Business Through Your Website

Grow Your Business Through Your Website: Allows you to study your clientele  

You can use statistical tools such as Google Analytics to study your visitors and therefore learn about their behaviors on the site in order to get to know them better, and then improve your business. 

Grow Your Business Through Your Website: The Journey Goes On… 

You must have understood by now that having a website is essential nowadays which requires a constant investment if you want it to help you grow your business. 

The secret is to surround yourself with professionals to ensure that your website reflects your brand image and works properly at all times and be credible in the eyes of your visitors. 

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