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Fintech Apps User Guide for 2023: Know what suits your taste

Fintech Apps User Guide for 2023: Know what suits your taste

When it comes to taking charge of your financial future, investing is a way to diversify sources of income and increase your wealth.

However, if you are new to the fintech world, finding the best way to get started can be difficult. Thanks to technology, transactions have become more accessible to the masses, and just about anyone can get started on a mobile app.

In 2019, fintech had its best year. According to a study by App Annie published by marketing company Liftoff, there was a 71% increase in downloads of fintech applications, whether banking applications, wallets, or any other financial tools and services

Fintech Apps User Guide for 2023

Even more astonishing is that access to these applications has recorded a rise more than a trillion times. However, the market has become so saturated that it becomes overwhelming for users to know which app(s) suits them the best.

In 2021, the field has changed drastically, and more innovative apps are ruling the fintech market. By 2022, some apps will be on the lead, enabling users to choose the best ones for their financial management and growth.

Hence, keeping the dilemma of the users in mind, we have compiled the four best fintech apps for beginners that will help them decide what caters to their lives the most.

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Fintech Apps User Guide for 2023; Nubank: Taking Online Banking to the next level

So many apps for online banking, so many to choose from…

What can you do as a user to help you make a decision? That is why we’re here with the necessary information.

Nubank will overtake the traditional Itau Unibanco bank, currently number one in Brazil. It is a phenomenal online bank service experiencing meteoric growth at present. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. What is in it for you, the user?

The customer experience provided by Nubank is earth-shattering. Opening an account is so easy that you will not even notice what you just did. Inputting information is very breezy, and IT DOES NOT HAVE ANY MONTHLY FEE! How great a deal is that? There are no hidden fees either. Wow.

Moreover, for the environment-friendly plastic haters out there, you can choose metal cards instead of plastic ones.  If the fact that Nubank is the most prominent Fintech Apps User Guide for 2023 in Latin America is not enough for you, you’ll be happy to know that they’re super popular because of their fee-free credit card that gives you discounts if you prepay your installments.

Fintech Apps User Guide for 2023

Because the Nubank account is free of fees, the company claims that their clients save up to R$370 per year. This means that the bank is encouraging you to save if you already have the heart of a senseless spender.

Nubank’s business account feature is open only to existing Nubank clients that are sole owners or freelancers. It makes it easy to open an account and separate personal from business transactions. You do everything from one app with transparency and no paperwork.

It’s best suited for entrepreneurs looking for a no-frills bank account so that they can focus solely on their business.

Furthermore, most of your banking will be done through the Nubank app, as it is with most digital banks. This software is simple to use and well-designed, making it an ideal platform for doing your banking on the move.

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Fintech Apps User Guide for 2023; Coinbase: The Finest Cryptocurrency Wallet

Coinbase’s direct listing was a massive finance, startup, and cryptocurrency event that impacted many public and private investors, early employees, and crypto-enthusiasts.

Regardless of where one sits in the broader tech and venture world, Coinbase storming north of a $100 billion valuation during its first day of trading was the most significant startup happening of 2021. Wonder where it will go by 2022? It might even reach beyond the skies.

In addition to trading, Coinbase provides services specific to crypto that are harder to find elsewhere. That’s why using a “crypto-native” app is different from buying crypto on Robinhood, PayPal, or Cash App.

So, the best app for safeguarding your crypto wallet would be Coinbase. Its specific features could be the building blocks on which whole new crypto banking sectors are built.

Fintech Apps User Guide for 2023, The most DeFi (Decentralized Finance) products are still hard to access for mainstream users. Some of the user interfaces are difficult and, at times, perplexing. That’s precisely why a company like Coinbase exists — to take the complexity and bury it.

If you are a new crypto investor, go for Coinbase because it includes technology to make crypto less energy drain. It massively increases the volume and speed of transactions.

One of the Coinbase users mentioned in a positive review, “what I liked the most was that they allow converting any crypto to another. I was able to convert Bitcoin to Dogecoin within a few seconds easily. The UI of Coinbase is also great. And another thing I liked the best about Coinbase was that it’s easy to send crypto from one account to another using email, and there is no fee for sending funds like this.”

Need any more affirmations? I think not.

Fintech Apps User Guide for 2023

Robinhood: Great for Investment

If you’re not using Robinhood, you’re missing out on some fantastic features that could help you advance your investing career.

Robinhood is perhaps one of the most well-known names in brokerage accounts right now, and one of its most significant advantages is that it allows you to trade without paying any fees. However, these days, that isn’t a prominent selling feature. Many brokerages do not charge trade-by-trade fees.

However, no-fee trades aren’t the only advantage of Robinhood. Here are a few lesser-known characteristics that make Robinhood an excellent investment platform.

Even those with a small amount of money can register a Robinhood account and avoid paying fees. Robinhood has no minimum balance requirement, so you may start investing right away.

A single share of some stocks can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, you can still own a piece of those firms using Robinhood. That’s because Robinhood lets you buy fractional shares, which means you can buy a portion of a company if you can’t swing the whole thing.

Just as automating your savings can help you develop your wealth, putting your investments on autopilot can help you stay on track to reach your objectives. You may set up recurring investments in Robinhood. You can automate the purchase of $50 worth of a specific stock every week without having to think about it.

Many alternatives are available to you if you want to open a brokerage account. However, these characteristics make Robinhood an excellent place to put your money.

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Fintech Apps User Guide for 2023; Mint: Personal Finance has never been easier to manage

Struggle with savings and records of your spendings? Like being organized with finances? Have a corporation to run that depends on financial data? Mint might be the best solution for you.

Mint is one of the most efficient fintech apps for gathering consumer data such as accounts, credit scores, transactions, and more. The app provides financial advice, bill and settlement reminders and finds patterns in spending data to provide the most valuable tips on saving money. It features one of the most secure encryption systems in the finance industry.

Below are Fintech Apps User Guide for 2023’s Best Features:

  • Take care of all of the bills and balances.
  • Create a budget and ask for funding suggestions.
  • There are no charges for credit score analysis or guidance.
  • Signing up for an app is safe and secure.
  • Alerts and notifications, as well as account-related activities
  • Transactions are easy to download.
  • It’s possible to customize your income and spending categories.
  • Get the exact value of your vehicles, homes, and other tangible assets.
Fintech Apps User Guide for 2023

In other words, these four Fintech Apps User Guide for 2023 we have chosen are all excellent for different criteria. But each has unique features that serve multiple purposes for diverse users. These apps will work as an inspiration for banking and finance companies in 2021. By 2023, they’ll lead the world. So, choose wisely, dear user, because your efficiency depends on the software you associate with in this age of technological advancement.

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