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All You Need to Know About SaaS Marketing Strategy

All You Need to Know About SaaS marketing strategy

The Internet has revolutionized sales and services. It has changed people’s consumption habits. Given the choice of consumers and the purchasing behavior of Internet users, many companies have chosen to invest in SaaS.

Yet, it is an option that opens the horizon of companies while requiring changes in both vision and approach.

SaaS Marketing Strategy

How does SaaS Marketing Strategy work?

SaaS Marketing Strategy is a type of marketing that focuses on promoting and selling products by subscription.

Software as a Service is a means by which companies sell their products through online applications. To summarize, the goal is to sell software as a service.

To store data, SaaS software uses cloud-based data centers.

There are SaaS models to improve the supply chain, inventory management, payment, human resources management, etc. To learn more about how SaaS works in detail, check our blog: What is SaaS: The Know-How’s | Creatibuzz

Definition of SaaS marketing

SaaS Marketing Strategy: The definition

This approach finds its interest in regular updates and additional features.

Compared to companies with physical products or one-time purchases, SaaS companies need to convince customers and the target audience in general that the service they offer deserves a monthly subscription.

Adopting a strategy based on user experience is essential to achieving this goal. The collection of information and the proposal of a quality product that meets the needs of each profile then becomes central because they make it possible to retain customers.

The SaaS model is based on a user experience to the extent that it adapts to each business need.

Therefore, tailor-made software that performs well and meets customer expectations is essential for selling. However, to achieve this, you must adopt a strategy that consists, as a first step, in proposing a quality offer to seduce future customers.

The free trial of quality software always attracts prospects, which would lead them to the subscription in the long term.

To achieve this goal, you need to consider that every customer is unique. By observing its use of your SaaS during the free trial, you will determine its needs and expectations.

The advantage of the SaaS solution is that thanks to their data, you can offer customers tailor-made offers that they could not refuse.

SaaS Marketing Strategy

What is a SaaS Marketing Strategy Funnel?

Creating informative and valuable content for the user will allow you to achieve this goal. By showcasing your SaaS and the solutions it brings to each problem, you’re targeting a broad audience.

The SaaS funnel is a process of implementing SaaS online marketing and software from start to finish, describing the process of prospect research up to the loyalty of each customer.

Here is the path of this approach:

  1. Attract potential customers with targeted content
  2. Convert potential customers into leads by inviting them to sign up for your free trial program
  3. Convert prospects into customers by convincing them to enroll in a higher level of your program
  4. Build customer loyalty and encourage them to buy or upgrade through excellent customer service, ongoing support for helpful content, or new features.
SaaS Marketing Strategy

SaaS Marketing Strategy and Inbound Marketing: Two Complementary Concepts

Adopting a strategy combining marketing techniques is essential to optimize this campaign. Inbound Marketing based on quality content helps attract potential customers while promoting the company’s SaaS model.

This choice is very effective in converting prospects into qualified customers.

In general, SaaS users are usually very active online. Knowledge of the online behavior of the target audience is, therefore, the key to the success of this combination.

Interest, search for information, consumption habit, profile on social networks are all clues that inform about the needs and expectations of potential customers. Similarly, the most active online Internet users are also likely interested in SaaS and SaaS services through inbound marketing.

You have all the information to propose an offer adapted to each customer by holding this information. Put the customer at the center of your concerns, and you easily differentiate yourself from your competitors.

The most effective SaaS Marketing Strategy techniques

In addition to Inbound Marketing, other marketing techniques can be combined to achieve better results in the promotion of a SaaS:

Content Marketing Strategy

Propose a SaaS Marketing Strategy based on actual needs through the published content to establish trust with the target audience. This promotes exchanges and engages you in the user experience approach.

Facebook Ads

Target potential customers from their Facebook profiles. Purchasing behavior, posts viewed… contribute to determining the expectation of each profile.

Google Ads

Thanks to relevant keywords, being on the first Google page always helps if you offer a service.

How to launch a new product by SaaS Marketing Strategy 6 steps:

1. Build your audience first

The launch of a SaaS product must begin building an audience through quality content based on potential customers’ interests and actual needs. This approach makes it possible to take care of your company’s brand image. Think SEO for your SaaS product!

Authenticity and an approach focused on the user experience will perpetuate this loyalty bond that unites your customers.

2. Engage your audience

It is not enough to create an engaged audience; it is also necessary to constantly arouse their interest. Content presenting solutions to each problem should keep your customers curious and allow them to choose the best option.

Therefore, it is necessary to give them time to familiarize themselves with the tools and find the products that suit them. In this way, you promote customer attachment to your brand.

SaaS Marketing Strategy

3. Partner with influencers

Having influencers among your customers is a real asset. It would be best to create them with particular attention to your most active and well-known customers.

They help you establish the credibility of your business in a very effective way. You can also target influencers by offering them a free test of a new product.

Their opinion will be beneficial to you. Once seduced, they can help you develop your brand awareness by improving your e-reputation. Their recommendations will therefore be helpful to you.

4. Start with an early access list

A well-orchestrated launch makes it possible to create an event around a new SaaS product. The resulting media coverage contributes to the reputation of the product.

Under these conditions, access before everyone else is often a privilege. So, you satisfy visitors by offering them a special offer and inviting them to sign up for early access.

5. Take care of your followers

It would be best if you did not stop in such a good way. After building an early access list, you should immediately offer the products of interest to your potential users.

This is the best way to take advantage of the excitement generated by your brand when launching a new product. Therefore, it is necessary to set up a series of automated registration follow-ups by finalizing the lead maturation process during this launch period.

Regular information will help your potential users choose a better user experience.

6. Avoid monetizing your followers too soon

Patience is required in the launch of a new SaaS platform. This is because you risk losing your followers by forcing them to buy before they are ready.

Offering a free product gives them time to discover and get acquainted with your product. Once convinced, they will have no difficulty getting involved. The subsequent release of the paid version will allow you to monetize your product gradually.

SaaS Marketing Strategy

SaaS Marketing Strategy Summarized…

SaaS software is beneficial for businesses. Thanks to SaaS, clients are no longer obliged to install and open applications on their data centers and their own computers. Thus, the purchase price of the equipment is excluded from their budget. The costs of provisioning, maintenance, installation, software license, and support are also integrated. Users subscribe to a SaaS solution to avoid investing in installable software that requires regular support.

Generally, the SaaS Marketing Strategy offer is similar to a monthly subscription whose fees are determined according to the use made. This flexibility allows companies to easily organize their budget. Also, it is possible to interrupt the subscription at any time in order to end the expenses.

Your ultimate goal is to create scale and allow your software to sell itself. It’s important to realize that SaaS companies have different sales models and marketing strategies need to be adjusted for this. Hence, read and research more to be able to implement this strategy with expertise.

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