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7 WordPress Myths to Banish

7 WordPress Myths to Banish

If web agencies and individual users use WordPress to create their websites, it is because this CMS (Content management service) has many advantages. Long used only for blogs, WordPress is now used by 41% of websites worldwide.

So, for the more up-and-coming, here are the myths you can forget about WordPress:

WordPress Myths WordPress is only for blogging

One of the misconceptions of WordPress is that of taking it as a simple blogging software.

Indeed, WordPress was initially used as a blogging CMS.

WordPress has evolved well, however, and can be used for any field and industry. It will be perfect for a showcase site or an e-commerce site.

Today, more than 40% of the sites internet in the world are powered by WordPress.

Many large companies such as NASA or for government sites use WordPress.

WordPress Myths

WordPress Myths to Banish: Because it’s free, WordPress has too many bugs

Another myth about WordPress would be that, as this software is free, it has a lot of bugs and would thus be of low quality.

WordPress being an “Open source” software, this CMS is not managed by a small team. Indeed, thousands of developers use WordPress every day.

They can thus document themselves or interact with other users to use and improve the software according to their needs.

Therefore, this large-scale use makes it possible to obtain best practices in terms of programming with solid code.

WordPress Myths to Banish:

WordPress Myths to Banish: WordPress is only for beginners

Although the WordPress interface is easy to use, this CMS is also widely used by developers and connoisseurs of HTML / CSS languages.

WordPress will therefore be suitable for all levels.

You can easily create your website without the need for developed knowledge.

Only if you have specific requests and you want your website to have features specific to your needs, you will probably need a specialist.

WordPress Myths to Banish: WordPress is incompatible with e-commerce

Maybe you think WordPress will be incompatible with your online business? Think again.

It is true that by default WordPress does not allow to offer products or services for sale.

However, there are many extensions that will allow you to have your online store.

WordPress Myths to Banish:

WordPress Myths to Banish: WordPress can be easily hacked

As we can recall, WordPress is open-source software, which means that the Source Code is accessible by everyone so that the most seasoned can find security holes.

Updates are often available to enhance security.

The open-source WordPress source code will allow developers to implement additional security measures to allow you to use and upload your website with complete peace of mind.

WordPress Myths to Banish: All WordPress sites look the same

WordPress brings together a lot of available themes, some are free and others exist in paid versions.

However, it is possible to use WordPress for your 100% personalized website. We have also chosen not to use a pre-designed theme and to develop our tailor-made themes.

The multitude of WordPress plugins as well as its possibility of modifying code allows anyone to be able to get the site they need, with the colors of their choice, according to their expectations.

It will be enough for this to be accompanied by a developer specializing in WordPress.

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WordPress Myths to Banish: No need to optimize your website for SEO when using WordPress

Although WordPress claims that “each site is optimized for search engines as soon as it is released”, you will still have to perform certain tasks on your website for a good SEO, and especially that it is sustainable over time: content writing, keyword optimization, internal links, and backlinks…

A technical SEO part is also to be expected such as writing meta-descriptions or alternative text.

Some plugins will be able to guide you in the execution of good SEO practices.

If after that, you are still not convinced by the use of WordPress for your website, do not hesitate to contact our team who can listen to your queries and reassure you.

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