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7 Best eCommerce Web Design Tips to Boost Sales

7 Best eCommerce Web Design Tips to Boost Sales

E-commerce is a trend that isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon, as more and more consumers flock to online stores for everything from basic necessities to luxury purchases. A site created for e-commerce allows you to sell to a wider audience than in a retail store. You can take advantage of online advertising to win new customers and promote sales. You can also benefit from lower start-up fees and expenses over time than for operating a brick-and-mortar store. 

But how can you design your eCommerce site to sell your products effectively? Certain eCommerce web design tips will help you design an online storefront that turns visitors into paying customers. 

Below are the 7 best eCommerce Webdesign tips for jumpstarting your sales-driven eCommerce website.

eCommerce Web Design Tips

Best eCommerce Web Design Tips for boosted sales:

Think Like The User  

What are the first things you notice when you visit a website? The interface design, smooth navigation, soothing color palettes, and responsive web pages are elements that every visitor appreciates. So, while creating a website, you must put yourself in the user’s shoes to know whether the website experience is desirable or not. 

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By adjusting our perspective, we are able to see the bigger picture. The moment we start empathizing with our users and website visitors, a new portal towards consumer psychology unlocks. That way you can expand your sales and predict what your clients would prefer while visiting your website. If the user is happy, everyone else can be happy too. 

Best eCommerce Web Design Tips: Make Your Site Simple & Responsive  

Simplicity makes it possible to get a cleaner, more user-friendly site that encourages people to buy more. The less mess you add to your site, the better it is for your audience. Too much information within a small space makes everything jumbled. So, make sure they don’t get distracted by ads or slow pages to find what they’re looking for. 

Another advantage of a simple responsive (fast) design is that it gives your audience fewer choices. When you want to direct them to purchase, less choice is better. Think about how you can streamline your menu of options and product pages so that your site isn’t cluttered with excessive choices and diversions. 

Best eCommerce Web Design Tips : Scannable Content 

By having a ready-to-use and perfectly informed file that can be scanned on every product, your site can become 10 times more efficient with customer engagement. Since this is the age of smartphones, QR codes are in fashion so use them to the utmost advantage for your sales. 

An essential element to any e-commerce site is a scannable catalog of products. Contact suppliers and get the data of the products you will sell.  

Most sites write lengthy product descriptions that most people skip. Feel free to write compelling descriptions for items, but add features in bulleted form rather than long paragraphs of text.  

Moreover, adding barcodes to the products in the market can make the process more advanced. If buyers like the product in real life and scan it, they’ll get redirected to your website. 

Speed Up The Payment Method 

Best eCommerce Web Design Tips : Speed Up The Payment Method 

Another essential tip when creating an e-commerce site is making the means of payment fast and easy. If the checkout process is lengthy, buyers lose interest. Nagging the customer for billing details more than once is very off-putting. Let your buyers buy and leave your site without pushing them to sign up. Since sites can store their basic card information, the next time they visit, the info will already be there without them typing everything again. 

Setting up an efficient payment method by a provider can take time, so think about it in advance. Depending on the type of clientele targeted, one payment method may be more appreciated than another. On average, offering 3 different payment methods satisfies 99% of Internet users. Checking out should feel like a breeze for buyers. Make sure that happens on your site too. 

Best eCommerce Web Design Tips: Use High-Quality Images 

Make sure there is consistency between your product photos and other images you use on your site. Irrelevance is a big no-no. Photos of your products should also be clear and large in size, at least enough so that consumers don’t have trouble seeing them. 

It’s worth investing in professional photography for your site if you’re not good with a camera. Product photos, when properly made, increase engagement to help you sell more items. 

Consider taking photos from different angles and products in action, if possible. The more details your customers see, the better. After all, Weebly found that about 22% of returns for items purchased online occurred because customers didn’t think the actual product looked like the one they fell in love with in the photos

Best eCommerce Web Design Tips

Use Social Media Credentials, User Reviews & Testimonials  

Customer testimonials and reviews are crucial for an online business. Remember, customers don’t have the same one-on-one interaction with you as they do at a local store in town. They need to know that you exist and that your stuff is worth buying.  

Your social media proof/presence reinforces this trust factor. Many eCommerce themes have customizable testimonial sections built-in so you can add a dedicated section to your homepage. You can also add product-specific information to the bottom of your web pages.  

Try your best so that the reviews are organic. Customers can detect if the reviews are fake. If your services and products are actually good and customers are pleased, let them review you. Then showcase the positive ones on your site. 

Smooth Navigation In Product Categories  

Some sites you visit have multiple product categories – sometimes, dozens, or even hundreds – which may seem like a good idea because it means you have more to offer customers, right? 


More categories can overwhelm visitors. According to an investigation by Clutch, 94% of consumers want simple navigation on websites. Give them a few options, and they’ll know what to do from there.  

You can always highlight three or four main categories in the main menu and then break them down further when a buyer hovers over them.  

eCommerce Webdesign tips: Design to sell-sell-sell! 

One of the best things you can do for your eCommerce site is to add share buttons on your product pages, blog posts, and other pages. If your customers are satisfied, they can share the products they love with their friends, family and followers. It’s like free advertising! You can also install Creatibuzz’s image-sharing buttons to allow customers to share your best product photos so you can attract visitors and make more sales effortlessly! 

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